View and Modify your awards or eligibility

In Loboweb

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Login with your NetID and Password
Step 3 – Select the 'Financial Aid' tab 
Step 4 – Select  'Award Package for Aid year' and choose the appropriate aid year. You can stop here if you simply want to view your award package. Continue to step 6 if you want to modify your awards.
Step 5 – Select the ‘Accept Award Offer’ tab  
Step 6 – If accepting or Declining Aid:
Select your decision from the ‘Accept Award’ column, choose 'Accept' or 'Decline'
(note: to change amounts on your awards, please submit a "Financial Aid Change Form" at
Step 7  – Verify your decision in the ‘Status’ column next to the fund description

If you do not have awards you should check your file for unsatisfied requirements first. For a new school year, awarding begins in late-March for the upcoming fall term. Award notification will be sent to your UNM email when you have been awarded for a new school year.

What to do after you've been awarded:

  1. First time loan borrowers: After accepting your loan, complete your entrance counseling and master promissory note at gov
  2. Register for classes on Loboweb: Register for classes that follow your degree plan. If you will be less than fulltime, let the Financial Aid office know by completing the Loan Enrollment Verification form This form can be accessed on our forms page, select the correct aid year and submit online. Failing to inform of our office of less than fulltime enrollment can result in a delay in receiving Financial Aid funding. Federal Loans require at least halftime enrollment.
  3. Check your charges: Your accepted aid will automatically pay your University charges.  Check your UNM Bursar Account Suite on Loboweb, if you owe more than you have in accepted aid you will need to pay UNM before the payment deadline in order to avoid fees.
  4. Receive your refund: You can receive your refund by either signing up for direct deposit which is the most secure and quickest method to receive your refund or you can receive a check by mail. Only if you have a surplus in financial aid after your University charges have been paid will you receive a refund.

Note: If you are not currently an admitted student and wish to check on your Financial Aid File, including your FAFSA, you can contact the Financial Aid Office. Please refer to this link for information on when we will contact you regarding a new FAFSA.

Certain awards are automatically accepted for you and are on Loboweb for your review, you will not be able to modify them. Certain “gift aid” awards (money you do not have to repay, such as grants and continuing scholarships) are already accepted for you. If you wish to decline gift aid you can contact the financial aid office directly. It is recommended that you do not decline gift aid unless you are not attending UNM; this is aid you do not have to repay and was awarded to you because of financial need or merit or both.

For each award listed in “Offered” status on your Financial Aid Award Information, you can indicate one of two responses electronically: accept or decline. You may accept aid from one source and not another. You are not obligated to take any of the offered aid and it is your right to reduce or accept in part any of your offered aid.

Decline or Accept a work-study award

Request to modify an existing loan amount: 


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