Money Management

Your education is a great investment. Start managing that investment by acquiring money management skills that will help you make sound financial decisions.

Get Organized

Gain control over your finances.

    • Make a Spending Plan
      To live more comfortably, do the things you enjoy, and still be able to eat well, develop a spending plan for the school year. Use our Budget Worksheet to organize your finances.
    • Why choose Federal Aid first?
      Know your borrowing choices and the advantages to choosing Federal Loan Aid first!
    • Borrow Wisely
      Use this repayment calculator to determine your loan repayment amount.
    • Salary Projector
      An excellent way to manage your borrowing in college is to first determine what your starting salary will be. Use the Bureau of Labor Salary chart for starting salaries of over 100 careers.
    • Know your total loan debt
      Use the National Student Loan Database to keep track of your total loans borrowed during your college career.
    • Value of a College Education
      Education requirements for employment on the rise
    • Keep debt levels manageable
      How much income does it take to support your loan debt? Use the debt wizard to find out.

Make Wise Credit Choices

Learn to manage your debt.

  • Set Financial Goals
    Healthy financial habits tart with setting sound financial goals. Use this Financial Goals Worksheet as a guide.
  • Credit Card Tips
    Tips to help you properly manage credit cards.
  • Credit Card Blog
    Increase your credit savvy by using this credit card blog from

Responsible Borrowing and Loan Repayment

Financial problems can be avoided. Prevent loan default.

Get Help

Deal with problems right away.

Live Like a Student

Creative ways to enjoy life on a student budget.

Scams and Fraud

Avoid scams and fraud with these tips

  • Avoid Identity Theft
    Helpful hints to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft
  • Scholarship Scams
    Warning signs of scholarship scams
  • FAFSA Scams
    FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, completing the application should not cost you any money

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