View and Modify your awards or eligibility

Viewing and modifying your awards is done through Loboweb. When your Financial Aid Award information is ready, you will receive an email directing you to your Financial Aid Status on Loboweb, where you view your Award Information. There you can respond to your award offers electronically.

Automatically Accepted Aid

Certain awards are automatically accepted for you and are on Loboweb for your review, you will not be able to modify them. Certain “gift aid” awards (money you do not have to repay, such as grants and continuing scholarships) are already accepted for you. If you wish to decline gift aid you can contact the financial aid office directly. It is recommended that you do not decline gift aid unless you are not attending UNM; this is aid you do not have to repay and was awarded to you because of financial need or merit or both.

Inform Financial Aid of expected gift aid such as a scholarship.

Awards you can Modify

For each award listed in “Offered” status on your Financial Aid Award Information, you can indicate one of two responses electronically: accept or decline. You may accept aid from one source and not another. You are not obligated to take any of the offered aid and it is your right to reduce or accept in part any of your offered aid.

Decline or Accept a work-study award

Request a new loan or modify an existing loan amount: 

How to accept or decline an offered loan

Change an award amount, loan term, or otherwise modify your awards by submitting a Financial Aid Change form.

Change in expected enrollment, update your enrollment with the Financial Aid Office if you will be less than fulltime.

Contact the Financial Aid Office if you would like to be considered for the Teach Grant. Learn about the Teach Grant requirements.

Notify Financial Aid of any outside Awards you may be receiving

Scholarship tasks

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