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Unofficial Withdrawal

Students are encouraged to follow proper withdrawal procedures to limit their fiscal liability relative to the Return of Title IV (Federal) Financial Aid Policy. Students who unofficially withdraw from UNM (quit attending classes but do not follow official withdrawal procedures) may have to return all of the financial aid received for the semester.

Unofficial Withdrawal

All Financial Aid is canceled for students who do not pass any classes and did not officially withdraw. These students are required to repay all the federal financial aid they received. Repayment of aid must be made prior to any subsequent disbursement of financial assistance.

The amount of financial aid students are considered to have earned and how much needs to be repaid is affected by the student’s last date of attendance (based on official withdrawal) or the last date of any academic activity that can be documented by faculty. The best way to limit fiscal liability is to officially withdraw rather than to just leave campus.

For scholarships, the donor determines the refund and repayment criteria of institutional, private and third party awards.